Gitzo Légende tripod generate brand customer concern

Gitzo recently fall into a problem because of lack of communication to customer.

Gitzo is a premium brand in photography tripod, everyone use tripod should know.

Recently Gitzo is in war with customers in the comments section of its Indiegogo campaign page for the Légende tripod, for lack of communication with its customers regarding delays to deliveries.

Gitzo explain an issue with packaging being the problem, and has recently revised its expected shipping date to September 2021 — it was originally supposed to arrive in May when announced in March this year.

As a premium brand company, firstly Gitzo use Indiegogo campaign page to raise funds is strangle, but some company did really well recently, I think Gitzo hope to test the marketing respond.

Secondly, there is some quality problem when the Légende tripod shipped to first batch of customer. Actually, if Gitzo agree to recall the products, it should be fine. But what is the main problem is , Gitzo marketing people did not respond customer very well, it cause distrust and misunderstanding, due to the Légende tripod cost much more compare to other brand tripod.

The simple and best approach to respond is to sent a customer a letter, to explain why the product would be delay and also provide a way for customer to refund or wait.

I think this should solve the problem and will not let Gitzo falling into the a trap of making customer angry.





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