Gitzo recently fall into a problem because of lack of communication to customer.

Gitzo is a premium brand in photography tripod, everyone use tripod should know.

Recently Gitzo is in war with customers in the comments section of its Indiegogo campaign page for the Légende tripod, for lack of communication with its customers regarding delays to deliveries.

Gitzo explain an issue with packaging…

Slow, no new important function , not worth to upgrade

I would like to write a review on Topaz DeNoise AI 3.1.2, the latest version of the company DeNoise software which I think it is useful for modern digital photo editing.

Before my review, I must say I like the result of Topaz DeNoise AI, because the software simply help…

TTartisan just release a bright-red version M-mount 50mm F0.95 to celebrates the years of Ox.

Recently many Chinese lens company began to make their own brand of lens. Overall I think this is a good news, because it can become the push factors for sinking camera industries and offer more choice for photographers.

Some of the brands like TTArtisan, Laowa Venus Optics and Zhang Yi…



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